Our Suppliers

Milk – Cotteswold Dairy

The majority of the milk we sell comes from Cotteswold dairy. Cotteswold dairy is a 4th generation family fun dairy established in 1938 and based in Gloucestershire. Cotteswold Dairy work with local farmers to produce some of the best milk around.

Creams, Yogurts & More – Longley Farm

Nestled in the hills of Holmfirth Yorkshire is Longley Farm. Established in 1948 by the Dickinsons family, Longley Farm produces some of the finest, cream, soft cheeses and yogurts available. Predominately sourcing their milk from local jersey cows, their jersey double cream is not to be missed!

Yogurts – Tims Dairy

Based in the Chilterns and run by the four Timotheou brothers. When it comes to top-quality yogurts, look no further than Tims. Their award-winning Greek-style yogurt is great on its own or used for cooking.

Houmous – Ramona’s Kitchen

Produced in Hertfordshire by Ramona and her team. Ramona produces a range of wonderful houmous’s that we love.

Olives & Deli Range – Taste of Sicily

The taste of Sicily brought straight to your door by the Diforti brothers. Whether you are looking for outstanding olives, perfect pesto or tasty tomatoes, Taste of Sicily have what you need.